Friday, July 15, 2005

Four days at Angel's

For the last four days I've been staying over at one of my gf's apartment. Her hubby is away on a business trip and since she is 4 1/2 months pregnant, we decided to keep her company.

She lives around the lower north shore area of Sydney. Which means that I can take a direct train to Wynyard. Whooppeee ~~!! There is a HUGE difference. From where my gf lives, it takes only 20 mins on the train. From where I live... sometimes I have to wait 15 mins in between platforms while changing trains. I told Pete about this (I actually arrived earlier to work than him) and he said maybe we should concentrate looking for apartments in the lower north shore area to buy. Currently we are looking for apartments around all four inner suburban areas of Sydney. Well, basically anything that falls within our price range and isn't in whoop-whoop land.

On the first night, I told Angel that I'll cook. (Hoping that she would eat more veggies this way). But my plan failed miserably. She probably had about 5 leafs of the chinese veggies. She had more of the steamed egg and satay pork with mushrooms (which was good). Atleast I know the food I cook wont have any MSG. On the second day she told me it would be easier just to go out and eat, as there was no food left to cook in the fridge. Sigh.. So for the next 3 nights we just went out to eat.

When you put three good friends together (and there were no guys around) there is bound to be some girl talk. So as expected every night at Angel's finished up with girl talk. During the first night I was bombarded with questions about Pete. The usual 'Are you guys officially going out' questions. I didn't know how to answer that. As I'm not even sure myself. Cause I know in my heart there has always been someone else. Even Pete knows that.

Last year back in Hong Kong my aunty dragged me to see a fortune teller (apparently this one was supposed to be very good.. and expensive too). He said during this year I will have three guys in my life.. out of the three I will have to choose one.. if I don't choose then I will have none (Does that mean I will never meet anyone else after this year ?!?). But..I can't even handle two at the moment. With two I'm already going crazy. Three ?!? I don't even want to find out.

I don't want three.. Just one. Just one is more than enough.

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Anonymous said...

so... that is where your mum thought that there was three!