Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Night - 8pm (still at work)

Friday night.. 8pm.. still at work ?! Depressing.. Not just depressing its sad.

Another one of my drinking buddies just called me again. sigh. I just realised its Day 14 without alcohol. Gosh .. I'm so proud of myself. But at the same time, I'm absolutely dieing for a shot of tequila.

I'm mentally fighting with myself on whether or not to take up the drinking offer. Sounds so good at the moment. I've just finished my Intranet Migration. So relieved. I can finally breathe again. As with any big company, there is so much politics involved. I knew that if I stuffed up this implementation, it would be my neck on the chopping block.

As I pressed the sent button on the email that replied with an one-liner: PCR Successful

I could only feel relieved. With a slight sense of satisfaction on a job well done.

Which should actually be the cause for celebration .. *wink

Ok..I promise not to binge drink ..I promise not to binge drink..I promise not to binge drink.

There.. that should be enough times to have it drilled into my brain!

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