Monday, July 18, 2005

Blog Surfing

I can't sleep. Well.. I slept for 4 hrs.. somehow woke up and now I can't sleep. I read the first chapter of the new Harry Potter book (hoping it would put me back to sleep) but it didn't work. So I started surfing around on the net. I went to and to see if they released any newly listed apartments for sale. But at 4am in the morning.. what was I thinking of ? Nothing.

Still couldn't sleep. So I checked my hotmail.. gmail.. and even my yahoo mail. Then somehow it lead to blog surfing.

I went from my usual reading blogs and from one blog linking to another, somehow managed to stumble onto a very old friend's blog. I didn't even know it existed. I went to his first blog entry and realised he started blogging from 2001. He was actually the first friend I had made online. Reading through his blog - it felt kind of weird. Especially since we had lost contact for about 7..8 yrs already.

I remember it was back in '96 when my best friend installed mIRC on my pc and brought me into the online-chatting world. (I was one of those late bloomers). But from that moment onwards, I spent the vast majority of my free time over the next year chatting to a bunch of people in singapore. This was because my best friend only logged on to the sg channels and I never thought about logging onto the Aussie ones. Actually its probably because I didn't know how to log onto the Aussie channels. In a sense, I felt safer knowing that the people I was chatting day-in day-out to would not be someone I would bump into on the streets in Perth.

So as I was reading through a couple of entries on his blog, I noticed that his last entry was about him meeting up with some old friends he happened to bump into during dinner. He wrote that he had been 'emptied by the experience' from meeting up with his old friends. Especially since everyone had grown up and how the feeling was all different.

This guy used to be the guy I would feel comfortable with telling everything and anything to...

I wonder if he still remembers me.


Anonymous said...

is this quest?

AstroGirl said...

yes.. it is quest. His bloggy is at