Friday, August 05, 2005

Summary for the week...

I have been so busy this week.. I actually can't remember everything that has happened. All I can remember is that alot of things went wrong. And I just spent most of my time 'putting out fires' in the IT department.

Here is a summary of my week..

  • High priority helpdesk calls - 5
    (Not counting the numerous other calls in my queue)
  • Server Blue-Screen-Of-Death - 2
    (one of which required a complete rebuild...*sob)
  • DR Testing & Documentation (finally completed)
  • New server installs - 3
    One of which never managed to get past the stupid Blue-Screen !!
  • Gym Workout sessions - Zero
  • Alcohol Intake - Zero
    (Been so busy I didn't even manage to go out for drinks!)

To make things worse.. I'm doing on-call support for this week.

I hate it when a new server Blue-Screens on me. I opened up the server, reseated the drives, controllers, cables, RAM and power connectors. Tried to do a OS repair but it would just Blue-Screen half way through the process. GRRrrrr.. Stupid Dell server... !

I guess the only highlight of my week is that I finally managed to successfully clone a 600GB LUN on an Open Oracle DB with my SAN .. So glad that it has worked !

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