Friday, August 26, 2005

1st day of shopping ...

We finally arrived last night after a 10 hour flight. Flight was ok.. the cabin crew kept on giggling throughout the whole trip. Have no idea why. But on the way home we went to get some congee and roast pigeons (typical supper combination in Hk). Normally, I hate the idea that I'm actually going to eat a pigeon. But these were seriously yummy.

This morning when we woke up we went straight out to Mongkok (Hk's famous shopping district) to meet up with my god brother. And when he said he'll make us 'shop till we drop'.. he kept his word. From 11am till 8pm non-stop. My legs were killing me. All the gym sessions with Pete didn't help at all. I was finally getting to the stage where I'll walk into any shoe shop and pretend to look around then sit down and try something on, just for the sake of being able to sit down for a couple of moments and to take my sneakers off.

At about 8 we called it quits and decided it was time to bring all our shopping home so we could nurse our sore feet.

I guess being in Australia all the time we depend too much on our cars. I use my car even to just go down the road to buy Maccas. I really should start to use my legs and walk around more in Sydney. My best buddy and me were both dead by the time we reached home.

I was already on the verge of chopping off my legs. They didn't feel like mine anymore...

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Oh Yeah! Shopping! :P