Sunday, August 07, 2005


One of my housemates has gone back to Taiwan for a 3 week holiday. Which leaves her other half (my two housemates are a couple) free to do whatever he wants. Which isn't too bad. But she has always been the clean, neat (painstakingly neat) housemate. I can only image what the state of the apartment is going to be like in another week. Already, I have my washing (from the dryer - so it is clean) hogging up one side of the sofa bed in the living room. But my other housemate isn't alot better.. he has his laundry hogging up the other side of the sofa.

My other housemate has quite an impressive fighting fish collection. About two month ago he successfully bred a new batch of baby fighting fish. We currently have about 170 baby fighting fishes. Actually they aren't really 'baby' anymore. My housemate has been frantically trying to find enough containers to house all his precious fish separately. (Before they all fight each other to the DEATH !).

He already has one side of the living room dedicated to his fishes.

So far he has settled for the 375ml spring water bottles from Woolworths. So everyday he has been drinking natural spring water from Woolworths (probably the cheapest you can find). Wash and clean the bottles. Then cutting the top off them so that he can put one fighting fish into it. Thus separating that fish from the rest of the gang in the tank.

Its a painstaking task.

Feeding them is still going to be relatively easy.

I wonder how he is going to clean all the separate bottles and containers later on...

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