Friday, August 12, 2005

iPod with Photo !!

Pete gave me a suprise pressie today.. :)

He went and brought me the Apple iPod - The 'music in colour' version.

When I got home I found a very big package under my blanket... the Apple iPod and matching JBL speakers.

The sneaky thing asked for my keys in the afternoon cause he said he was sick and not feeling well so he wanted to go to my place and rest. I really thought he was very very sick cause he even went to the doctors in the morning and they gave him two days off.

Obviously, if he can go to Harvey Normans and shop around for a iPod, then he couldn't of been very sick at all ! But then I didn't have the heart to give him a lecture.

Can't wait to get home so I can download all my mp3 into my iPod ! And I can store all my photos in there too... Sweet !

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