Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gym Membership - Fitness First

News of the Month .... *drum roll...

I have finally joined the Fitness First gym membership ~!!

YES.. gym membership.. :)

Since nearly all of my friends have joined.. I've finally decided to jump on the boat as well.

Those of you who actually know me would probably be laughing right now. At about $80 a month, I calculated that I actually have to go to the gym more than 6 times a month to actually get my money's worth. (Single gym visits are at $15).

I know that I'm really quite unfit. I might not look like it.. but I am. While I was back in Perth, my granny managed to convince me to go with her on one of her morning walks. It was during this morning walk that I realised really how unfit I was. Sad to say this.. but my granny was the one who broke the news to me.

After about 30 mins of walking. I was slowing down.. (my granny was still power walking with her arms still swinging)...

"ah-mui (thats what she calls me) aiyah..so young and so useless .. do you want to rest ?"

I told her I was ok.. and we kept on walking (albeit at a slower pace than before). By the time we reach the riverside, she started doing her stretching exercises (I was sitting down resting) she had already gone through the part 1 of her 'healthy eating' (nagging lectures). This was then followed by the 'Party less \ Drink less \ Sleep early' modules and then followed by the summary conclusion of 'How will you ever get a proper bf' ?

After another 20 mins of lecturing.. I suddenly found an interesting new hobby with pulling out and studying the patch of grass in front of me.

Back during the high school days, I actually did cross country running and trained every week before and after school. I wonder what Stan (cross country trainer aka chemistry teacher) would say if he saw me now.

Sometimes I really wonder if my granny starts preparing her next set of lifestyle lectures when I tell her I will fly back home.

Maybe next time I will just fly back home without letting them know.

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