Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Food poisoning.. and now the flu ?!?

My last three days in Hk was spent in half in bed .. the other half of the time was spent in the bathroom hugging the toilet.. !! My stomach violently reacted to something I ate whilst in Macau. I really don't know what it was.. could of been the BBQ food or double layered milk pudding or even the Portuguese Tart I had.

I knew I shouldn't of been such a pig...

Now that I'm back in Sydney, I had only lasted one day before the Sydney flu bug snared me as its next victim.


I hate being sick. Especially since I think I've run out of sick days at work already. ( pay).

Well... its not all bad. I've managed to level up two levels in World of Warcraft. That's all I've been doing. Sleep... Warcraft.. Sleep


I've nearly gone through another tissue box. I've just been piling all the tissues on my small table next to my bed. I have one BIG mountain of tissues now... The bin is just too far away.


Martin said...

Hi, take care!
Have you tried Immodium to stop it?


AstroGirl said...

Hi...Martin :) Immodium only took care of the 'passing-through-waste' category. Didn't help much with anything that wanted to come back up on the other direction. :(
I'm all pumped up on anti-biotics now .. and addicted to Sudafed !

I'm much better now anyway..thanks !