Wednesday, September 14, 2005

House Hunting .. still....

I've finally found something thats within my price range (only just), of a reasonable size and in a good area. Whooppeee ~!

I sent an email to the real estate agent requesting for more information on the apartment. The usual Strata levies other outgoings and a floor plan. I got a simple email back with the strata levies but no floor plan. So I replied the email and asked if I can arrange for an appointment time to go view the apartment. Two days later.. still no reply.

I was thinking.. (dammit..) someone has beat me to it, and put an offer in for the apartment already. I decided to give the agent a call to verify this. As I was genuinely interested in this apartment and desperately wanted to see it.

If I had thought real estate agents were rude previously. This one takes the cake.

She answers the phone with this weird tone in her voice (it just so happens to be the agent who replied my email) and asked which apartment was I looking for. Then when I asked if I could arrange for an appointment to view the apartment she said this:

Agent: We only want geniune serious buyers for this. We are not interested in showing the apartment to researcher or browsers who wont actually make a commitment until 6 months later.

Me: I'm sorry...What do you mean ?

Agent: I mean we aren't interested in showing this apartment to anyone who is just browsing the market.

Me: Ok... I understand (you biaatch)... I am interested. At least interested enough to give you a call (dammit!). Well, I can only be interested to a certain level - as I haven't even seen the (freaaaking) apartment yet. (I really wanted to hang up on her already).

Agent: We only arrange for appointments Monday to Friday during working hours.

Me: Which would mean 9 - 5pm ? I work full time... I really don't think that would be possible.

Agent: As I said before, only serious buyers.

--- End of Conversation ---

Far out... that's customer service for you.. !

Well, if I didn't need to work (and had won lotto) then I think I could accept that schedule.

And if I wasn't working, I doubt the bank would approve my home loan ! (unless, obviously if I had won lotto - then I wouldn't be needing a home loan anyway).

I understand the need for sales people to screen out potential vs 'do-not-waste-my-time' buyers. But this was really starting to get ludicrous.

Even if I do finally get to make an appointment to view the apartment - I doubt I would buy it.


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