Monday, June 13, 2005

Abseiling @ Tiger Snake Canyon ?!?

Over the long weekend I was dragged to go Abseiling. When I say 'dragged' it doesn't mean that I didn't want to go.. but I was just a bit reluctant. This is mainly because the last time I went abseiling was probably during my year 8 camp. Plus the fact that the last time I did any strenuous exercise was probably about 6 months ago - playing tennis. (Tennis can be strenuous too.. ok ??)

Pete had been giving me these 'you-can-do-it' looks for the whole week. (Regardless of the fact that he had already booked and paid for it - before even asking me)..the sneaky bugger!
So I told him I'll go.. on one condition that I get to drag Charmaine (his flatmate) with me as well.

Pete sent me this excerpt:

Description of the Abseil @ Tigersnake Canyon
Tigersnake Canyon
Grade: Moderate
Time: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm

Tigersnake is a very narrow, deep canyon with several long abseils and some wet sections (wading only).

An hour of walking through the Wollemi National Park takes you to the beginning of the canyon: a slot in the ground, barely one metre wide! Here you abseil into the canyon, with a pool of cool water awaiting you at the bottom...luckily, it will only be ankle deep. After some wading, another short abseil and a (short) downclimb, you arrive at the first long abseil, this one situated next to a waterfall.

It's here that the canyon opens out into a beautiful rainforest gully until you reach the second and spectacular long abseil: a big drop into the dark chasm, sliding down between two canyon walls, just two metres apart.

Abseiling at Tiger Snake Canyon ... doesn't that name 'Tiger Snake Canyon' say something to you ?!?

Conclusion ?

Abseiling is .... Fun ~~ ! (Yes .. I actually do agree it is).
Actually, I have to re-phrase that a bit. Abseiling DOWN is fun.

Hiking back up the cliff is definitely NOT fun.

At the moment my abs feels like I've done 100++ sit-ups (under 5 mins... if that is even humanly possible!) hurts to even laugh too much.

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