Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Girl Talk (part 1)

I went to lunch with ah-sze today. Laksa. I'm actually quite surprised with the level of chilli hotness I can actually take in now. This is considering the fact I was proned to having nose bleeds immediately after eating anything that was even slightly spicy a couple of years ago. And as usual when we both meet up for lunch, ah-sze fills me in with her latest update on her potential. Potential.. meaning the latest guy she has fallen for but is not yet officially dating.

This latest guy sounded like the complete jerk. But she was all hooked up on him. Which was actually quite surprising since she only just met the guy a couple of weeks ago at a night club.

Is it even possible to meet decent guys at night clubs anymore ?!

I mean.. if you meet a guy at a night club.. what is the possibility that he is actually looking for a one-night stand as opposed to any kind of a relationship ?

I rest my case...

She told me she was calling him throughout the whole weekend and when he did pick up his phone he sounded really busy or 'not in the mood to talk'. I told her to forget about him, but she said its hard as she misses him alot and finds it impossible to not call him.

I could recall I was like that with my ex-bf. But it was both ways.. I once had 52 missed calls from him when I went missing for one day playing warcraft at a friend's place (LAN session). And when I finally had the guts to leave him and let him carry on with his own life, I had a serious mental struggle to restrain myself from calling him. It wasn't easy.. I even once switched off my phone and put it in the fridge (overnight only). Just so that I wouldn't go dial his number in the middle of the night.

Anyway, I survived the laksa (albeit washed down with one bottle of mineral water) and thus finished off my 1 hour Aunt Agony consultation session. I just hope she gets over him soon.

Today is actually my ex bf's birthday. I talked to him a couple of months back on msn .. he is still in Perth and is doing quite well (boy..do I miss not having my msn available at work !!!). I sent him a sms wishing him 'Happy Birthday'. I didn't know what else I should put in the sms so just left it as that. The feeling has definitely gone.. but I just didn't know what else to sms.

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