Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Murphy's Law at Work .... =.="

Today has been one of those days when I seriously wonder if Murphy's law is not just a theory and that it really does exist. Out of curiousity I jumped on google and did a quick search of definitions of Murphy's Law and found the following:

  • Anything that can go wrong will go wrong
  • Everything goes wrong all at once
  • Mother nature is a bitch ... (haha..this one can be used to explain just about everthing !)

All of the above three definitions can basically explain what I went through today.

I started my day with the Network Card failing on one of my crucial servers. At 9.30am in the morning I had one of my manager's manager (one of the big guns) tell me that a certain databases had 'dropped' off. It took me about 5 minutes to get to the data center and another 10 minutes to figure out what happened - before my DBA (database admin guy) came in and asked what happened to his database. What happened to his database ?!? (wtf ??) What's happening to my server ?!! At this time ... all my brain could think of is that I'm going to miss the 10am coffee break. I need coffee.....

After getting all the databases on that server back up, all the processes which were dependent on the feed from these databases started to fail. No reports. No webservices. No nothing.

From then on everything went downhill. Murphy's Law.

I'm so tired now that I can't even bring myself to start typing out all the stuff that has gone wrong ! But its nearly 8pm now and I'm still stuck in the office trying to fix sourcesafe (a totally different issue) which has decided to corrupt itself. The support document for this from Microsoft is 9 pages long.. (I need coffee).

So right now I'm sitting here waiting for the analyzer tool to finish its scan. So that I can atleast start going through the log files to find out which files I have to restore from previous tape backups. Its been running for 2 hours already. By the way, our sourcesafe (v6.0) database is 5 freaking times the size recommended by Microsoft. You kinda have to think... Now....I wonder why the DATABASE IS GETTING CORRUPTED ?!?! sheesh.... :(

ok ok.. I'm starting to lose myself here. I need coffee.. (I've only had 3 today..)

Analyzer tool still on part 2 of 4 at 68%...*sob**

Going to get another coffee now..... =.="

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