Saturday, June 25, 2005

Computer Literacy Should Be Compulsory

Computer literacy should be compulsory.. well.. ok.. that might be a tad bit extreme (depending on the job you have). But as a systems engineer who spends her whole life with computers and servers it's a bit hard to come to terms with another person who isn't conversed with the technology world. This doesn't mean I despise anyone who doesn't know how to use a computer. (God knows how long it took me to teach my own mother how to setup a dialup connection to the Internet). But she doesn't need to use a computer as part of her daily job routine - so her lack of technical knowledge is acceptable. Which is unlike the new PA (personal assistant) we have who needs to know how to use a computer to complete her daily tasks.

This PA managed to stuff up this database I am supporting (by forcefully entering duplicate data). She didn't know how to un-zip a file from winzip. So therefore, the Print-Screen command I asked her to do to email me the error msg - would of been asking for the impossible. Is the Print-Screen button really that had to locate on the keyboard?!

But this was the PA now responsible for our timesheets (which ultimately goes to the HR & payroll to generate our pay). So I couldn't piss her off. On the contrary, I had to be very nice to her. Because I had learnt through my 4 years of working in the private sector that you cannot piss off the PA. As a PA's revenge can be hard to endure.

My colleagues and me came up with some reasons why you shouldn't piss-off the PA:

  • No more invites to Friday Luncheons at the Pub
  • You might never get any more stationery supplies again
  • They directly report to the big-shots (CEO, COO.. etc) so they can say anything about you anytime they want (chances are your boss will believe them).
  • In this case - I might not get paid properly (as timesheets goes to payroll)

I have got to learn to be nice...

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