Thursday, June 30, 2005

Is Chilli Mussels a Perth Thing ??

Is chilli mussels really a Perth only thing ? I always thought it was an Italian thing (as it appears in nearly every Italian restaurant in Perth). But during my nearing 3 years in Sydney I have yet to come across one Italian restaurant which actually serves Chilli Mussels (the tomato sauce ones anyway).

So why doesn't sydney have Chilli Mussels ??

Is Chilli Mussels even an Italian dish ? Can someone tell me plssss ~~~

I flew back to Perth for the weekend (as it was my gran's b'day) and after being in Sydney for the past 3 years, I was craving for chilli mussels big time. The first night back I went to the Chorus Club with a couple of my old friends and about 4am (on the way home..and half drunk) I begged my friend to drive past Concas to see if it was still open.

It wasn't.

But 3 years ago its used to be open until 6am on weekends !!

However, this proves was how desperate I was...

The following day I had dinner with another friend and we went for Chilli Mussels. :P~

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mo said...

I do exactly the same thing every time I go home to Perth for a visit. Just trying to find somewhere in Sydney that does chilli mussels in tomato sauce and found your blog instead. Does anyone know anywhere?