Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fire Warden Training

I had to get to the office before 9am today for Fire Warden training. (I don't usually have to turn up to work until about 9.30am). As I spend the majority of my time at work stuck in a comms room, therefore Fire Warden training was pretty much compulsory. Since only a limited number of people actually had access into the data center, all the people that worked in there had to go for the Fire Warden and Fire Extinguisher training. Meaning that there was no way I could actually get out of it.

I didn't actually know there were that many different types of fire extinguishers. We were told of 6 different types (each marked with a different coloured band). There were ones which are to be used for only electrical fires, flammable liquids but not cooking oils and fats. (I wonder what happens if you do). Another one which are specified for rubbish\paper and cooking oils fires but not for flammable or electrical fires.

In the case of a fire, wouldn't you just pick up the fire extinguisher that was closest to you and just use it ?! And not worry about whether or not it is for the correct type of fire ??

Luckily there were ones which are just for 'General Purpose' usage. Meaning you could use them for almost anything. Which in my opinion, kinda makes the other ones redundant.

But anyway, for those who want to know, these are the ones marked with a Black or White band.

Fire warden training turned out to be quite fun. Especially when we actually get to play with the Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Its quite loud and creates a big puff of smoke. Along with splatters of dry ice. Nice thing to play with on such a hot day.

Actually, it would be great to use as a quick beer stubbies cooler on Friday afternoons!

The only problem with the training was that we actually had to go through with the whole procedure of actually evacuating the whole floor. Not really much of a problem...

Except for the tiny little fact that I work on the 43rd floor !!!

Being assertive (as the trainer put it) and getting people to evacuate the floor wasn't such a problem.

But the climb down from lvl 43 to ground floor certainly was.

I think I now have a valid reason to skip gym for the rest of the month...

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Anonymous said...

good exercise for you...um...instead of walking down from 43rd floor...may be from tmr onwards u sld try to walk up every morning instead...it sld be quite fun though....hohohoho

-mrs ang-