Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Warning Call

I have finally brought my ticket for my trip back home to Perth. I actually only got the single trip ticket, as I figured it would probably hurt a lot less if I paid for my ticket in two separate transactions than if I just brought a return ticket and had to paid for it all at once.

I know.. It's all in the mind.

But it makes me feel better.. ok ? Atleast it doesn't feel like I've created a financial hole in my credit card.

I just hope that there are still tickets back to Sydney when I try to buy one later on. I know that secretly inside me, I'm hoping that either Qantas or VirginBlue will do a last minute special. But the remote posibility of that happening is just like waiting for a miracle to happen.

Hey.. who says miracles don't happen ?! You have to be a bit optimistic.

Anyway, in preparation for my trip back home, I gave a warning call to my three closest drinking buddies back home. Funny thing was that when one of them picked up the phone, he just said:

Ok.. where tonight ?!

Me: What 'where tonight' ? I'm still in Sydney...

Drinking Buddy : Really ? Still in Sydney ? I thought you are calling from the airport here. That's what you did the last time you were back. You gave me like 10 minutes to get dressed and meet you in Dreamland !

Me: Well... I decided to give you guys some warning this time ok ? ...*pause*... To stock up on the Panadols... hehe..


I'm flying back on the 21st of December back to Perth ... Home sweet home.... :)

Countdown : 21 days to go....

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mon1ca said...

Try to go home sober this time k! hehe