Thursday, November 10, 2005

Too Ex

My airticket back to Perth at the end of this year is going to cost me an arm and a leg. So far the cheapest I can find is $455 - One Way.

Pete actually suggested driving back to Perth in his Jeep. I'm seriously contemplating the offer now. Although I really doubt I can imagine myself to be stuck for 4 days in his Jeep. Even after an hour in his Jeep, I feel like my breakfast is already starting to come back up. Apparently, according to Pete.. "It's just the way the Jeep is built". Who in their right minds would build a car that bounces over the slightest little bump in the road ?!

4 days of continuous bumpy ride.. could actually be a very good way to lose weight..

No. I have got to stop thinking about that option

My mummy and my grandma got all excited when they heard I was going to fly back for christmas. I doubt there is anyway I can get out of it now.


I already feel broke, and I haven't even brought the airticket yet.


mon1ca said...

How many days leave do you have again? 4 days on the road there and 4 days back... I think you'd be saying hi and bye on the same day!

AstroGirl said...

If we drive there we would definately fly back. but the only problem is that we would probably be spending like $1000 on petrol for the Jeep..

Anonymous said...

if u drive back also cost $1000 one way...then what's the bloody point to drive back and sit until ur whole body going to when will u be back to perth? since i was thinking the held the baby shower party around xmas time as my FIL and SIL will be in syd at that time and baby will be about a mth old by then...let me know k?

- mrs ang -

Quest said...

I'm going to Perth this Wednesday.

AstroGirl said...

quest.. for how long ?