Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Do or Die

Do or Die. I meant the Server I'm working on. Not me... :)

For the past week I've been trying to resolve a major issue on one of the production servers we have.

My manager gave the "Do or Die" signal with the deadline set to tomorrow morning. So if the server is fixed by tomorrow (Do Scenario), everything stays the same (fingers X). If not, (Die Scenario), we move everything ... and I mean EVERYTHING... onto our DR server. And hope our DR plan actually works and it covers everything.

But I've had about 10+ phone calls today and people every 5 minutes coming over to ask me unnecessary questions. So I told her, with all these interruptions, there is no way I could meet the Do or Die deadline by tomorrow morning.

She has taken my 'No Interruption' request quite literally.

Enough so that my office phone line has now been diverted to her phone and she is keeping all the people away, just like a fly swatter with flies would.

I really should get to my server now. Wish me luck !

1 comment:

- chi sin - said...

yeah... Good luck...
i'll take the Die approach on myself... take a sickie...
u should be happy to have an understanding fly swatter.