Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Feeling Groggy

I realise I'm probably feeling groggy today because I was working until 3am last night. Yes, 3 freaking am.

And since I've been coughing up my lungs since yesterday afternoon, I can safely take it as the first signs of falling sick. Ok, maybe I'm not yet coughing up my lungs yet. But by yesterday night I was coughing so much I actually puked up what I had for lunch.

Ok. Too much information.

Normally I would embrace a sick day at home with open arms. It usually means a non-stop sessions of Warcraft in bed.

But not this time. This weekend is a long weekend !

Monday is a public holiday !! I already have a girl's night out and karaoke session planned for this long weekend.

I don't want to be sick ~~~~~~ !

Not happy, Jan!


quest said...

so coincidental. i worked till 3am on tuesday night as well.

- chi sin - said...

oh u poor thing...
i was happily sleeping around 20 out of 24 hours of my sickie y'day... I don't normally take sicky, but after burning myself in office under the jacket tells me i should be out of there so that my colleague can survive (and do my work)
What i hate is... after being sick, what remains is 3 months of coughing... *sigh* if i cough too loud (which i always do)... stay away from me and u won't feel that it's loud... 'coz i can't help otherwise...

Oh... have more OJ, vitamin C, BIG Hot Lemon Coke + ginger, and when sleep tie a tee-shirt around ur neck so that u won't get sore throat... or... just start ur long weekend 2morow!! (make it a super long weekend!)

Anonymous said...

what karaoke section??? WITHOUT ME AGAIN????

-mrs ang-

Anonymous said...

well, i am oso in the IT line. Kind of glad to come across ur blog, lots o similar experience!!!! Take care!

AstroGirl said...

quest... there is nothing proud about staying back at work until 3am in the morning.. :(

chi sin... thanks .. not coughing so badly anymore

mrs ang... karaoke 2pm - 8pm on monday. call me

anonymous 1... thanks.. nice to know i'm not alone... :) all the best !