Monday, June 05, 2006

Rise @ Darlinghurst

Last saturday, I went with a couple of my friends to the Rise restaurant at Darlinghurst. Rise by Hideki Okazaki is a Japanese restaurant with a touch of 'fusion'. Overall I would say the food was quite delicious. Of special note is their Soft Shell Crab Tacos, Truffle Infused Tuna Sashimi, Oyster Tempura and their Green Tea Creme Brulee dessert.

Their service however, is on a totally different level.

The cute Japanese waitresses were definitely a nice sight to look at. But weren't really practical when it came to chasing up a missing beer we ordered. After a couple of minutes (unsuccessfully) trying to explain to our waitress that we were still missing a beer, we decided to just order 3 extra ones instead. Not just to simplify things or because we were just alcoholics. But because the rest of us with beers had already finished our first ones. And it would just be easier to order more than to continue to explain to the waitress that we were still missing one from our first order.

I would definitely give the panfried tuna a miss. It was over-done and definitely not 'raw'. The wagyu beef or salmon probably would have been a better choice, as the guys who did order the beef were raving on about it the whole night.

The size of the dishes were rather small but still good value for money. We had a group of six (and a baby) so there was rather a long waiting period between entrees and mains. I guess with the size of the restaurant, it would probably be better to keep it to small groups of 2 - 4 people. As we were cramped in the passage way to the toilets.

Overall, good food, cute waitresses but bad service.


Quest said...

Wagyu beef in Singapore is expensive. About S$100 for a steak, but worth it in my opinion. Hope it's cheaper there.

AstroGirl said...

quest... come back to ozzie land !! it was $35... :)