Friday, June 23, 2006

We are through !!

Pete put $10 bucks down on last nights game. If the above pic of the TAB ticket isn't that clear, he picked the following:

  • Brazil --> Japan vs Brazil ..... verdict : Brazil wins

  • Italy --> Czech Republic vs Italy ..... verdict : Italyl wins

  • Ghana --> Ghana vs USA ..... verdict : Ghana wins

  • Austrlaia --> Australia vs Croatia ...... Australia ....DRAWS ~~!!!???!

There goes $110.10 .... :(

An extra $110.10 would be nice, but atleast Australia got through to the last 16... !!

A win would have just been the icing on the cake. :)


mon1ca said...

Bet on 4 matches before u can win $110?

AstroGirl said...

yeah.. its a sports multi. means that we needed to get all 4 matches correct. $10 to get $110 back.

On jai said...

We were robbed of a place in the quarterssssss!!!!!!! Arghhhh!!! Goddamn FIFA refereessss!!! Not happy Jan...

AstroGirl said...

I know... we were robbed.. :(

but we played well.. the boys made us all proud.

we'll be back in 4 years time... Aussie Aussie Aussie !!!!