Friday, June 30, 2006

Reflections on the past month

It's finally the end-of-month. And since its the end of financial year as well, I'm left totally exhausted from work.

Some reflections on the past month:

  • Mrs Ang and baby Jo going back to Singapore and Hong Kong for 3 months. I miss bouncing Jo on my lap. (And miss having that urge to pinch her cheeks everytime I see her - even though I never actually allow myself to do so).
  • Completed 3 server migrations and 1 production systems migration. (Something I originally thought was impossible to achieve in the given timeframe. It was subsquently completed in 1 week and my company expressed its graditude in movie tickets). *sigh... When you've been sleep deprived for a week. What good are movie tickets ??
  • The Socceroos losing to Italy. Although hard to swallow the defeat, the Socceroos played well. And just by making it to the world cup, they have done wonders to the sport for Australia.
  • I recieved an unexpected phone call from my first boyfriend. Although I have no means of contacting him, I hope all is well for him.
  • Completed my 2nd last exam for my Masters. Only one more unit to go and I can't wait till its over.
  • For the first time in the 5 years since I have left Perth, I didn't manage to make it back to my Granny's birthday. I talked to her for an hour over the phone instead and promised to be back for Christmas.
  • Reaching the 1 year mark with Pete. Yet realising at the same time that we are facing a lot more issues than ever before. I guess there is no such thing as to even having a 'stable relationship'.
  • Finding out I no longer have 20/20 vision and will require glasses when driving (especially at night).

Hope I am able to get a decent amount of tax return this year... :)

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