Sunday, July 02, 2006

From Gym to Shopping

I had finally decided to go to the gym today. Armed with my gym bag and dressed in my gym clothes I left the apartment to head to the gym. Only to realise when I had reached the city that I had left my gym pass at home. (Duh!)

So I decided to do some retail therapy instead. After all, shopping for 3+ hrs in the city would atleast equate to 30 mins of gym.

I started off at QVB, as I wanted to do some window shopping. Also because the only thing I was interested in buying were a pair of boots. And there were around four shoe shops in the QVB.
And finally an hour later, on the 2nd level of the QVB, I found the perfect pair.

Black. Nice shape. Heels not too tall. Front not too pointy. (I have issues with walking in pointy shoes with high heels).

The boots were on the window display unit, so I walked into the shop and tried to locate the same pair inside the shop.

Having browsed for about 5 minutes, and still unable to locate the exact pair, I approached a sales lady and asked her if I could look at the black boots on display in the window.

"These my dear, are $795. You have good taste."

And then she turned around and walked away, back to the counter.

WTF ???????????!!

Ok. I know I was dressed in my gym clothes and sport shoes. But did I really have "Will not buy - looking only" etched on my forehead ?!?

I definitely asked to look at the boots, and did not ask for their price.

Ok. At $795 a pair I probably wouldn't have brought them. Well, lets be sensible here. I definitely wouldn't buy them (even if they were made of gold, and these weren't). But that isn't the point. I asked to look at them and the sales lady took one look at me and just told me the price and pretty much gave me the "You-Are-Dismissed" kind of look and walked away.

The worst part is the walking away. She didn't even bother to ask what I was looking for or even show me other boots which I may like.

I hate it when sales people grade and label you the moment you walk into the shop.


Sis Wen said...

Do you know even without your gym pass, you can still go to the gym? You just have to give them your name and remember there is a photo of you on their system. You are just slack...hehehehe

AstroGirl said...

sis ... i don't actually think my photo is on their system... :P

On jai said...

They don't need a photo nor gym pass - as long as you answer a few questions correctly, they'll happily let you in. It's not scotland yard you know. Yes I agree, you are slack... and a nerd. Muahuahua. =0P

mon1ca said...

At least you made the effort to get to the gym :) Go in next time! hehehe

xxxsanxxx said...

I <33 pointy high heels!! I'm pretty sure Toro is scared to death by them. haha. Shove them up someone's ass when I get pissed. lol