Thursday, July 20, 2006

Its a Sign

One of the disks of the Server where we are going to be doing a massive database implementation tomorrow has just crapped itself and died.

If it had crapped itself tomorrow then the implementation would have been called off.

But I still think its a Sign on how our impending implementation will go tomorrow.

*Sigh... Why do all major implementations have to be done on Friday nights ?

I.T. people have a life too you know. (Yes, I know about the 2 extra days we have available to get everything back to normal again). But we seriously don't like it when an implementation goes wrong and then been told that luckily we have 'planned' two extra days for you to have the issue fixed.

By the way, those two extra days are called the Weekend.

Saturday & Sunday.

And its not like we get the next Monday off or something. Because Monday is a working day.

For now, I am just twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the new parts to arrive on site. So that the crapped out disk can be replaced and the new one rebuilt.

Fingers X the implementation goes well tomorrow, as I have plans this weekend.

Warcraft is a plan.


mon1ca said...

Lvl 48 now! :)
Got my new mace. will be 50 by this weekend!

AstroGirl said...

mon... i'm going to try for another 12 hr session on sunday .. :p