Monday, July 17, 2006

Calendar Girls

Lately there has been alot of hype about a Calendar showing images of scantily clad IT professional women. A lot of people are saying the calendar is not portraying the right image to the public. While others are saying it gets rids of the "Geeky" image associated with IT, thus attracting more females to the industry. The calendar proved to be so controversial that the ACS (Australian Computer Society) has even pulled out of the calendar's sponsorship.

The aim of the calendar was to promote awareness and to attract more females to the profession.

I'm not sure about the rest of my female associates in the IT industry, but I did not become a Systems Engineer because of pictures of scantily covered women.

Truth to tell, I do not totally condemn it. Atleast this year's calendar has certainly succeeded in meeting it's 'awareness target'.

However, while I would love the idea of getting rid of the "Geeky" image so often associated with IT. I doubt having a calendar showing semi-naked girls would be the way to go.


xxxsanxxx said...

hmm if it were up to me. i'd have them dress in sexy suits =D. tat's hot! haha =P

AstroGirl said...

humm.. the OL look ? hahhaha.. :P

- chi sin - said...

*nod with agreement w/ astrogirl*
I don't think the calendar will help to attract more female to IT profession. Maybe they are doing too well in getting rid of the "Geeky" image... it just lost the linkage to IT completely.
I guess would be better if they pose up as HoT gals but also display very geeky experiences, showing that HoT & gEEkY can co-exist.

xxxsanxxx & astrogirl... ur turn to take photos... wahahahha...

AstroGirl said...

chi sin... haha.. thanks for agreeing with me. I think its fine for a group of girls to take their gear off for a good cause.

But the point of this calendar was to promote IT to the younger generations of girls. Not sure how this would be achieved through the calendar. (so far i think its just creating a "sexy-but-unprofessional" image of women in IT).

To the girls out there who are considering an IT career. Take note..

- Its not glamorous
- Its great if you like playing around with gadgets\computer games
- Good pay ($$$)
- Working hours are long and it sux
- It is a male dominated industry
- You will need to work hard to earn the 'respect' you need to do well in this field.

Even after all this, its still my choice of career. :)