Wednesday, July 19, 2006


"FORCING your wife to kneel down and scrub the house floor clean is a crime because it amounts to mistreatment, Italy's highest appeals court has ruled."

I wonder when the day would come when it would be illegal for any one member of a household to do more than half of the domestic chores.

I've realised that the "other half" in my relationship has a huge issue when it comes to cleaning. I'm talking about the Real Cleaning - Bathroom.. Toilets... Bunny's poo poo and his other bodily wastes. He just refuses to touch it. Therefore, cleaning it would be out of the question.

To be fair, he does have the garbage duty and does the vacuum for the apartment as well.

However, during the past month he has been on holidays (i.e. Free and bumming around at home). So I experimented in trying to get him to do some of the cleaning. As I'm not exactly a Tidy person myself, my level of threshold when it comes to the tolerence of being 'clean and tidy' is actually quite high.

So began the battle to see who has a higher tolerence threshold.

With me not doing anything with the hope that someone else will pick up the chores. While dropping Not-So-Subtle Hints along the way.

The result ?!

The carpet not being vacuumed for the whole month.

It appears that he has decided.. 'If I don't do my bit - he doesn't need to do his bit either'.


However, I'm not calling this a failed experiment yet. I think I can still hold out for a couple more weeks. Or atleast until a watermark rim starts appearing above the water level of the toilet bowl.


On Jai said...

I guess you have to realise that not all men consciously avoid housework. We generally have a higher tolerance to the mess around us and when it does come to our attention, we attend to it. But I would advise against subtle hints as they do not work - direct statements work best, and believe me - we don't mind doing our fair share.

- chi sin - said...

*applaud* On Jai
agree!! and stop all those stupid "Not-So-Subtle hint"... it doesn't work... hahaha

AstroGirl said...

where are all the girls out there?!

on jai & chi sin... we use the "not-so-subtle-hints" because when we tell it in your face we just get a "No"... or worse... get a "yes" but nothing gets done and then I'll automatically morph into the "nagging b!tch" mode.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I absolutely *HATE* cleaning. There simply is a mental block, deep deep deep inside me.

Like with any other work that doesn't make me feel good and that I can afford to "outsource", I just hire someone to do my (cleaning) bit. ;-)

AstroGirl said...

ahhhh.... outsource...

anonymous 1 ... being in IT i have a love\hate relationship with the word 'outsourcing'. But if the situation at home doesn't improve then we will definately seek some professional help. thanks !

mon1ca said...

girl, start cleaning! I think both of you can take the mess, but sooner or later, I'd be the one that can't take it and start cleaning for you! Don't make me come around with my umbrella and do some spanking to get you guys to move :D


AstroGirl said...

I arrived home today to the sounds of a vacuum cleaner !! (whoopee~~). Yet he looked like he had some issues with maneuvering the beast around the room. So I therefore offered to finished off what he had already started. (Bad move). The other parts didn't look vacuumed at all! So I ended up doing the whole room all over again.. :(

I have a sinking feeling he might have just switched on the vacuum cleaner once he heard the sound of my keys opening the door.

I seriously hope not though...

On jai said...

Haha, well it just proves my point that we will get around to it at our own pace - however belated it may seem. And just becoz it doesn't get done your way doesn't mean it won't get done. =0)