Monday, July 10, 2006

Training Course

It took me about 10 secs to realise there was no external Internet access. The training room computers were only linked together on a hub. I figured it was probably due to past experiences, where trainees were spending too much time surfing on the Internet and not enough time paying attention to the instructor.

About 2 hours into the training course and three coffees later, I could tell it was going to be a very long day.

The training course I am attending is a study unit for one of the Windows 2003 Server (MCSE) certification exams. I was by far the youngest in my class. With some of the other guys having spent 8 - 17 years at one company. 17 years ago... I was still in primary school.

The training course was on stuff I pretty much knew already. Only that I don't have the certification to prove it. But since my company is paying for the training course ($5000), I though why not just go to refresh my mind.

After realising there was no Internet access, I totally regretted my decision. The training course is for 5 days. 5 days no Internet access during the day. Just the thought of it. Die. I was getting more and more bored. The 3rd cup of coffee I had still wasn't working. And I had to keep pinching myself, just so I wouldn't fall asleep on the keyboard.

Being the only female in the class, I kind of felt out of place. That was until this 40ish-geeky-looking-wearing-Microsoft T-Shirt guy starting talking about Warcraft during the first break. I asked him which realm he played on and told him my main character is a Druid. Turns out he has a lvl 60 warlock. I told him I have a lvl 39 warlock as well. The conversation went pretty well from there on. And I feeling more at ease, especially now that I could find some common ground with the group.

That was until he said this:

"I'm surprised you didn't play a priest. There aren't that many girls on the server either. And the girls that do play, most of them are priests. Are you a Resto Druid?"

"There are plenty of girls on my server. My guild leader is a girl. I do know of one girl who did play a priest as her first character, but she hated it. She is however, a killer Hunter. My best friend, who is also female, plays Warrior. And I'm a Feral Druid by the way".

Ok, had to admit I was a bit peeved. And it kind of did show in my tone of voice. Unfortunate, I know. But my temper sometimes, does get the better of me. Especially when I'm talking to people like this. It was just like saying girls don't know how to fight properly in WoW.

I could tell he was about to argue back. But at the same moment, the instructor walked back into the room, and I went back to my seat. Thus calling it a truce for the day.

p.s. No offense intended to the people who do have a priest. I think Shadow priests rulz. If I see a horde shadow priest coming my way, I know I might as well stay put and just rez myself at the spirt healer. And every group needs a healing priest. The groups that don't have one might as well put gold aside to prepare to mend their armor. But I don't believe that the girls out there who do play warcraft should be restricted to playing healing characters only. And it's stupid for guys to think like that.


- chi sin - said...

You reminded me of my .Net course that was organized when i 1st join CBA... but then cancelled due to project deadline... and I finally have it after 1.5yrs of work in .Net already...
All i did in the training course is sleep, drink coffee, and play spider solitaire.
maybe you can bring some games to the training pc

mon1ca said...

Yeah! Warrior rulezzzz!!! :)

xxxsanxxx said...

hahahah. -.-. should i be upset since i'm a "typical" girl playing a priest?!? lol. that's pretty funny =D.

i created an account just so i can leave u comments! lol. hahha i have lots of spare time on my hands =].

AstroGirl said...

haha san.. u can't be upset ! ur the 'killer hunter' i was talking about !