Thursday, July 27, 2006


A user identified a bug on one of our systems today, and had it lodged as a high priority support call. The Luser said the application they were using wasn't able to update when a certain type of change was made. After a quick investigation into the matter we realised the Luser had simply not clicked on the "Update Button" to submit the change.

Apparently this was the second time the same Luser had lodged the same call. (Albeit on a different form of the same application).

My colleague who sits next to me was assigned the task of explaining to the Luser why the form had not updated.

I feel for him.

He had to call the Luser and nicely explain to them why they need to click on the Update button to submit changes. And also to let them know, not being able to update a data field does not constitute to a high priority call. High priority calls are reserved for specific events, for example, the application had fallen over and no one can access it.

He handled the support call well. Calm. Voice although slightly restrained, he did manage to kept his cool when explaining the whole scenario to the Luser. Kudos to him.

If it was me, I think I would just run upstairs, half strangled the Luser, rubbed his head into the keyboard and write "Click on the Update Button" in big red letters on his monitor using a permanent marker pen.

Then again, maybe not.

I probably think about doing that to a Luser every single day. But so far its only been me banging my own head on my keyboard.

On the subject of users and support calls, I found a very funny website about one tech support guy's neverending saga with having to deal with another tech's calls. Its called The Chronicles of George.

After reading a couple of those entries, I feel glad that I atleast work with a great team of techies. And that I don't have to put up with something like this.

My favourite support ticket on the site is on page 18. The one about the ergonomic keyboard. Happy reading... :)


mon1ca said...

Girl, the website was taken down :(

Another interesting read would be the BOFH - Bastard Operator From Hell. How I reall wish I can do some of those stuff listed in the manual to end users. You can find the links to the stories here

In regards to the skirmish... I won't be going after all :( SIgghhhhHHHHHHhhhhhh

AstroGirl said...

mon... omg.. ?! he actually took the site down ? maybe i should as well before i get myself fired.. :(

AstroGirl said...

sheesh... mon.. stop scaring me ! the site is up .. :)

mon1ca said...

it was down when i was reading :P

- chi sin - said...

the site is up... and i is havening read happily and i cannot understand nothing and yes, i must request the company to buy a LART System... Oh... maybe two... one to translate from user to helpdesk, 2nd one to translate from helpdesk to support...