Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I have to do a presentation on the Systems I look after to some of the other teams at work. I guess it's ok. After all, I am presenting on something I should know inside-out. The only daunting part maybe that some of the higher managers might attend the presentation as well. I guess they would like to know where all the money from the past expenditures that they have been approving is going into.

I borrowed my manager's mp3 player which is able to do recordings as well and found a spare room to do a test trial. After taping myself through the first half of the presentation, I stopped the recorder and started to play back the recording.

"Umms" repeated during the first 5 mins : 21 (I stopped counting the 'umms' after the first 5 mins were played -- 'Umms' are bad infront of a sentence, makes the listeners think you are uncertain on what you are talking about).

The playback also made my voice sound rather high pitched. Something I had not realised before. Actually, not just high pitched, it made me sound like some highschool girl. Not at all professional. The worst thing was I actually thought I sounded ok. And I was feeling pretty good about the test trial (before actually hearing back the recording that is). Talk about anti-climax.

The main objective of the presentation is to present our latest achievements and what we have been working on for the year. I guess I should go and work on my presentation slides a bit more now and add some more diagrams and graphs. Hopefully, I won't have to speak as much if I can keep them occupied with the diagrams and graphs.


quest said...

well, your voice is naturally high pitched. if you survived so far without being so self conscious, i don't see why it's a problem now.

AstroGirl said...

quest... never really knew it was THAT high pitched. sounded quite different to what i was used to when i played the recording back.

On Jai said...

The trick to cutting down on the umms is to take a brief pause rather than using an "umm"... allows you to regather your thoughts and continue on - sounds better than umms... however might wanna be careful not to pause too long.

AstroGirl said...

haha.. I know the trick is to cut down on the 'umms'. thats why i was counting them in the first place. :P

still too many.... :( *sigh... easier said than done.

- chi sin - said...

i agree that your voice is pretty high pitch...
luckily u didn't scream when i'm nearby... kekeke

talking about diff between voice being said and voice being heard, i have big problem with that. I hear my sentence just like what I heard other people say, other people will say me "chi lay gun"
some words i just can't say and i'm giving that up...

solution?? nowadays i only talk to computer... oh... and my chi sin as well... hahahahah