Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Again

Its exactly 12.31am and its Friday again.

Too soon. Too fast.

It feels like my week has practically flown past without me being apart of it. Or atleast thats how it feels like. Yet I have been so busy this week, I no longer can remember what I did on Monday or Tuesday anymore. All I can recall, is that I've had a busy week.

So here I am blogging at 12.36am, in an attempt to make myself feel tired and eventually fall asleep.

I know if I pick up my book to read now, I probably wont put it down until I have finished the whole book. And Warcraft is definitely out of the question. That would just make me more awake than ever.

Wide awake still @ 12.48am.

My one year mark with Pete came and went yesterday. And I am left with a sudden urge to scratch the so-called 'One-year-itch'. Maybe its because he didn't get me anything. Which at first, I wasn't actually that concerned about. Especially since I only managed to remember the occasion and grab a box of chocolates on my way out buying lunch that day. Or maybe its because when I asked for my present and he mentioned something about getting me a 'Poker Set' - because we don't currently have one.

Thats just about the most unromantic thing I had ever heard.

Not sure if my insomnia has anything to do with this. Its 1am now. If I am ever going to have enough sleep to try and wake up tomorrow then I think I should try closing my eyes now.

Good night all.


xxxsanxxx said...

A Poker Set!?!?

Then again, I don't think Toro got me anything good for one year either. Although I didn't do too well on my part either.

but a Poker Set?!!? hmmm..

On jai said...

Well I guess he just figured that you're not the "typical" chick and you've proven that you're not... so why not get something that both of you have shown interest in and can enjoy playing with some friends over. It's the thought that counts. I'm not sure a lot of guys are good at this whole anniversary (or birthdays) business, myself included. Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking sides here, but being a guy I feel compelled to shed a bit of light on this situation... however bizarre. =0)

AstroGirl said...

san... yes, out of all things.. a poker set. :(

on jai... i'm not saying i don't like the poker set. on any of the 364 days of the year, the poker set would have been great. but not as an anniversary pressie. I may not be a 'typical chick' but from the last time i checked..i'm still female.