Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Skirmish !

"Skirmish, or Paintball as it is known, is the fastest action packed adult adventure sport in the world. It is for people from all walks of life over the age of 18 years. A combination of childhood "cops and robbers", "cowboys and Indians" and "hide and seek", skirmish is much more sophisticated and certainly more challenging.....and women stand on an equal footing with men. Physical attributes do not create good players, but quick thinking, luck, daring and teamwork do."

Women stand on equal footing as men ???

Not really when it comes to men being more comfortable\able-bodied with carrying more ammo around than girls.

More Ammo = More Firing Rounds = Greater Chance of Hitting Your Target

We had a choice of three different gun packages to choose from. The higher the price, the better the gun. Package A, consisted with a gun which could fire 1-2 paint balls at a time. Package B, 6-8 paintballs and Package C ... ~17 paintballs at a single pull of a trigger.

If you wanted a better gun, you would need to purchase more ammo or run the risk of running out of ammo on the battleground (No ammo, means you become like a squatting duck, waiting to be shot at - not a very good idea). Therefore the guys (the ones with a thicker wallet) had a slight advantage....

Able to Carry More Ammo = Much Better Gun = More Fire Power = RAMBO

The skirmish was on Saturday afternoon. And I can still feel the pain from my war wounds. I've counted 7 bruises on my body, not to mention the sore waistline from having to carry around 600 rounds of ammo. The worst part was actually getting shot on the top of my ear. Who ever mentioned that the ear is one of the most sensitive parts of your body was not wrong.

So just to reiterate again, here is a photo of one of my more painful bruises I accumulated from the skirmish.

By the way, this is my thigh, and not my arm. The bruise covers over half of my upper left thigh and is slightly bigger than my fist. The lighter colour in the middle is actually where the paintball hit. Because its still fresh, the bruise hasn't fully surfaced yet, but thats the area where it hurts the most.

And unfortunately is as painful as it looks.

Not to say I didn't have fun, but I think I enjoy my battles on the Online world a bit more.


- chi sin - said...

Skirmish... I haven't played for long long time. Getting old and as you say, I would enjoy playing mud and pkill rather than having physical wounds.

The photos looks pretty good! take another photo a few days later and let us see all the purple-red bruise. kekeke.. (then we'll be thankful that we are not part of the battle)

Anyways, it reminds me of the very first skirmish i played in Uni days (ya long long long long long time ago) and the very first shot is from my team, shooting from my back on my left cheek! #$%^$%^#$%^#$%
During break, he keep on telling me he shot me! Saying he saw someone running and shoot! #$%^&%^&^&#$%
At least u don't have bad experience like this, where you can't really take revenge back...

Wonder if Mon has her skirmish of "staff vs management"... but mgmt earn more money and maybe get the Package C... beware!!

Enjoy growing your "bruise"

AstroGirl said...

chi sin.. you are right about the 'growing' part. it is definitely growing !!!

Anonymous said...

oh dear... such a sweet girl with such a big bruise!

need a nurse? ;-)


xxxsanxxx said...

omg! that's looks horrible and painful! VERY painful =[ but now i wanna play too =O. Paintball sounds fun but most ppl here don't play anymore =/. At least none of my friends do anymore =[. alrite, i'm heading to bed =D



pretty song =D

AstroGirl said...

hahaha... nurse patty .. pls help me rub my bruise ~~~ !

Anonymous said...

astrogirl... careful... i might book a flight to sydney just to obey your command... ;-)

pat (*male* nurse) :-D