Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back in Form

An old friend of mine who dropped by Sydney for a quick 3 day trip left this morning. In true fashion, to reminisce old times, we both decided to go karaoke and have a drink or two last night.

A drink or two turned out to be two bottles of Chivas. 750ml Each.

We didn't just sit there and skull a bottle each. We aren't that crazy, but my friend did insist we do it just like the good old days. No mixers. Just two cubes of ice each, so that we can swish it around in our little plastic cups.

Actually the most amazing thing last night, was that we managed to find a Karaoke that didn't close up at 12am. (it took us three attempts). But now I know where to go, if I do feel like going out for drinks again on a Monday night.

Legend has it that I could once drink 3 guys under the table. That might be true if the 3 guys have livers the size of a candle nut.

However, after last night, I do feel that I'm back in form.

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