Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gamer No More

Today marks the 3rd month since my last log on to WoW.

And with my iCush chair packed away in the store room under the stairs...

I can safely say that I have finally been weaned off Warcraft.

This however, doesn't mean that we have been going out more than usual. For the past month and a bit, we have been spending our time together watching old TV and Japanese Anime series all over again.

For example:

Inuyasha - all 167 episodes !
CSI (series 1-6)
CSI NY (series 1-2)
Ouran Highschool host club
Wolf Rain
and of course Boston Legal and Heroes.

Now that I think about it, it seems I have simply moved from Warcraft to TV series. Only the content has changed, technically I'm still staring at the screen of my laptop. (or in some cases, the secondary screen I've attached to my laptop).

Kind of ironic when I think about it, because I only really started watching TV series again when a Warcraft friend emailed me a link to some taiwanese TV series.

I wonder how long its going to take before I can find something to spend time on which does not involve my laptop.


- chi sin - said...

hahah... quite interesting that my colleagues are all sharing TV series... The Office, Heros, Greys Anatomy, umm... forgot...

being a non-TV non-movie non-radio person i kept a copy on my ext hdd waiting to share to increase my friend's loyalty to me...

do u need more movie/tv series?? oh ya... u prob got those already... ;P

AstroGirl said...

chinese tv series pls ~~~~~ !