Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Drinking...

I have to remind myself to get out of any future dinner events with his friends in the future.

Being ignored by half the table is one thing, but getting looks which makes you feel like a piece of vermin is another thing all together.

I shouldn't really be bothered by it. Everytime I do end up meeting with them, I'm usually bored shitless anyway and on most occasions just end up drinking myself silly.

They are mostly nice people. I guess with some people you'll just click with no issues, while with others, it will just never happen.

When dinner was finally over, we went back to join up with my group of friends who had already started the party at my place.

We planned to drink ourselves silly over a game of cards, but no matter how many bottles of beer I drank, I just didn't get drunk.

There was 3 1/2 dozen bottles in total. 42 bottles of beer.

And about 1/2 of which we polished through in 45 mins during a game of 7,8,9. (dice game)

I was happily high, but incredibly sober.

My bf however was not. He was slurring all the way when playing the final rounds of 5-10 with me.

Its been a while since I've had this much fun.

I still find it quite amazing how I managed to finish atleast a whole dozen by myself but felt good throughout the whole night.

I guess its all about the company...


- chi sin - said...

Since i wasn't at the drinking party @ ur place... I guess i fit into the "never happen" category... *sob* how cruel... *sob*sob*

but good to see that you enjoy it... (and amazed that you filter alcohol like nothing!)

AstroGirl said...

hahaa... chi sin .. ur only in the 'never happen' category because u don't show up !!!

in any case... i wasn't referring to you.. :P dun worry .. :)