Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Take Charge

My sleeping pattern has gone completely wacko for the past two weeks.

And combine that with winter mornings, I've been waking up at 8.30am, getting out of bed 15 mins later and getting to work around 9.30am.

Today, I didn't wake up until 9am. Out of bed by 9.30am, work by 10am. If I keep this up, its only a matter of time before my manager finally cracks, resulting in me having to find another job.

The problem with starting the day late, is that not only do I feel like I need another 10 hours of sleep, I'm also immensely unproductive. I've done nothing today. And its not because there is nothing to do (there is loads of work), but I just can't get myself commited to start on something.

Then I read this while surfing through

I read through all the advantages... humm.. the 'commute' one doesn't really count, there isn't any peak-hour traffic after 9.30am anyway. But then again, being able to have breakfast in the morning again sounds good. Lately I've just been doing the Brunch thing.

I guess I can try to change my sleeping patterns. Not sure how I'm going to force myself to wake up 15 mins earlier.

My target is to get to a stage where I can wake up and get out of bed easily by 7.30am (excluding weekends). And be at work before 9am.

I'm going to try and record my progress on this blog.

Wish me luck !

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