Sunday, May 13, 2007

Poker Face

I had an incredible run of good luck during last night's poker game.

I got away with 3 big bluffs and ended up getting good hits on the River or Turn cards.

I can't say I really know how to play poker, I kind of seem to just go in with cards I think are good (when apparently they aren't). Our resident dealer, kept on shaking his head after I took him out by following his 'All in' when I held a Jack and a Two. He on the other hand had a Ace and King.

The River card (last card) to come out was a Jack.

Finally it was down to Pete and me fighting it out for the pot.

I held an Ace and Queen of hearts. It was Pete's turn to call, and he checked. I followed. The Flop contained a King of hearts. And I was thinking... humm.. possible Flush ?! I was still hoping another Ace will follow later.

Pete betted and I followed.

Ten of Hearts came on the Turn.

By this time, I had shown my cards to my housemate sitting on my left, and we were both giggling away. The flush was becoming a real possibility. But more importantly if the next card was a Jack, I could have a Straight... or even better... if it was a Jack of Hearts then... it would be a Royal Flush.

I looked at Pete... His face appeared as calm as ever.

He betted the minimum amount, as if to draw me in. I followed.

The River card came and the both of us couldn't control ourselves anymore. My housemate did a 'scream of joy', I followed (albeit a bit louder than her), both jumped up, embraced each other, laughed and eventually sat back down and calmed ourselves.

While all this time Pete was just muttering under his breath (I think I heard.. 'What-The-F???'), shaking his head and then chucked his cards into the middle.

He Folded.

I was already counting out my chips to go 'All In'.

He told me there was no way he would go in after seeing the little fiasco that just happened.

I held the Royal Flush, and he told me he knew it.

Then the 5 other players on the table also told me they knew it.

Pete showed me his cards, he had all Hearts too, so he had a Flush. He said if I had kept a straight face or what they call 'The Poker Face', he would have gone 'All In'. And I would have won. Instead he Folded, because he knew from my reaction, and the possibility of a Royal Flush on the table. Damn.

But how do you keep a straight face when delt a Royal Flush !??

We were loud enough to wake up the whole apartment block when the River card was delt.

I guess I've still got alot more to learn. Poker Face... I have not.

Although it didn't change the outcome of last night's game. Two hands later Pete went All In before the Flop was delt. He had a Pocket Pair of Sevens.

I looked at my cards, smiled and turned them over. Pocket Nines.

The 3rd Nine came out on the Turn.

And so I won the Pot... :)

Its the next day now, and I'm still smiling when I think about my Royal Flush. My first Royal Flush... :)

I think its time to go work on my Poker Face now...

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- chi sin - said...

OMG.... that's amazing.... but ya... learn to control your emotion... :P