Wednesday, May 03, 2006

1 month away

I'm finally back in Sydney after a whole month being away on holidays !!

Really not sure if that is something to celebrate.

It's my 1st week back at work and I feel like I've just gone and dug my own grave. I have so much work to get through, it just isn't funny. You would imagine that things that were looked after by me would be taken on by someone else in the team while I was away. After all, I was on annual leave for a whole month. But, no. They decided that everything could wait until I got back. Even when one of the SPs on the SAN failed (1 week ago), they decided that it could wait as well. There is a failover, but what happened if that failed as well ?! I think I would just refuse to come back to work if the whole thing failed.

Damn me, if I ever contemplate taking a whole month of annual leave again.

I think the next time I want time off, I would rather quit my job (get my leave paid out in cash) and find another one when I get back from my holidays.


- chi sin - said...

I tot i have told you too many time already!!! When you are thinking of taking leave, you have to consider the 4 weeks before and 6 weeks afterwards.

No no no... not maternity leave (errr... I better leave this topic really really really quickly, else i am 2000% surely dead), but simply normal annual leaves...

4 weeks b4 and 6 weeks afterwards, you should be prepared to work 24x7 non-stop, the tasks that belongs to you before you leave will still be yours, tasks that doesn't belong to you b4 your leave will also be yours when you come back.

That's the beauty of taking leave.

AstroGirl said...

chi sin... next year on this day i will remember to put flowers on your grave...