Thursday, May 04, 2006

What does love mean ?

A person I care deeply for asked me this question before I left Perth.

What does love mean to you ?

I couldn't answer him straight away, and never really thought about putting that feeling into words. After I left, this was the answer I gave him (albeit, in a condensed form - since I had to SMS it back). But here is my full answer and it is something that I feel would be nice to share here. :)

Love means different things to different people and at different stages of their lives. When I was younger I believed in finding my soulmate. Someone who I was phyiscally and emotionally connected to. Chemistry. Without that chemistry feeling, I didn't believe I could love and feel for that person. Now I think love is more based on trust, commitment and communication. I think that real love is something totally unconditional. To love and to give unconditionally. Love is knowing that there is only person who holds the "key" to your heart. And knowing that just being with them, makes you feel really good inside. Love is not being able to stop thinking about this person and not being able to stay separated for too long. Love is not knowing what to say, but also when you know that you don't have to say anything at all to be heard.

In response, this was his answer:

Love is a special kind of relationship. It is experienced by all, yet understood by few. It manifests itself in sustained well-intentioned abnormal behaviour towards its partner and its depth & variety will be influenced by varying the degree of the aforementioned manifestation. It is my reason for life & living, and it's why we're drawn towards each other. Love. Ain't it a beautiful thing ?

hummm.. He's English is definitely better than mine. :)

What does love mean to you ?


On Jai said...

Assam laksa or tom yum soup on a chilly autumn weekend... preferably a long weekend.

- chi sin - said...

To me, in the past, love means doing everything to please the other half, seeing her 24x7, and thinking that being there already means love

Now, love means a combination of trust, respect(person and his/her personal space) and communication (willingness to listen and express). Many failed on the communication part, as most guys are not good at expressing themselves, end up hiding more and more and creating bigger and bigger gap between relationship.

Another important point about love is... Yes, love means give unconditionally, but at the same time, love is also selfish. I guess it'll be quite fun to find balance between these 2 quite contradicting behaviour...

To conclude, i am the person who like most guys doesn't know how to talk/express, but at the same time i am wishing to find someone that can be my soulmate. Wahaha... another contradicting factor...
Wish me luck...