Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sleeping on the Job

"MetroNaps Australia is this week launching its sleep pods in the foyer of the ABN AMRO building, on the corner of Phillip and Bent Sts in the city. Busy workers are invited to stop in and put up their feet for 20 minutes to relax and rejuvenate in style. Nappers' privacy is secured by the darkness of the dome-shaped pod, which lets them drift into a light sleep to the sound of relaxing music on a pair of headphones."

Sleep pods !!!!! Kudos to the genius that thought of this idea !

I'm not too sure about the location of these pods though... In the foyer of the building ?!

I would have thought some place more private would be more appropriate ? Maybe a designated "cat nap" room in each level of the building ?

I do wonder when we would get one. Atleast then I can stop taking cat naps in the data centre.

The data centre really is a bit cold for cat naps... :)

1 comment:

- chi sin - said...

it's located next to Chifley Tower! it's closer to your end, so maybe you should go and try it out... wahahaha...
*nod* forget about your data centre... it's only good for me... yeah yeah...