Monday, May 29, 2006

One Year On

I've just realised it has been one year since I started blogging online. Although it doesn't seem like a milestone, it does seem like a while ago when I look back at some of my first few posts.

Originally it started because my company blocked access to MSN, Friendster and all other forms of "Interactive" sites. And so my blog was formed so I could keep in contact with my friends. And also to help relieve some of the MSN withdrawal symptoms I was suffering from. It was my portal-away-from-work and believe me, I think my blog is one of the reasons why I am still mentally sane.

Looking back at some of the earlier posts now, I see a little bit of me in every one of them. The funny bits, boring bits and even some painful bits. Some posts were of things I choose to share with everyone. Some were reflective of my thoughts at that certain time, while some were just for me to be able to vent my anger out at something. (Looking back at these now, I see that I have a large number of 'anger rambling' posts).

I realise now that my blog has grown into something I would visit nearly everyday (either to write a post or to read other people's comments). And reading other people's blog has become something I enjoy doing every lunchtime at work.

I never did intend this blog to be anonymous. Although sometimes I think that maybe my posts would be a bit different if my blog was kept anonymous. I probably would have created a bigger window into my world. It would probably be showcasing a lot more scarier side of me.

Maybe it's because I know that there are people reading this. But I doubt I would be comfortable sharing every intimate detail of my life online - even if it was anonymous.

In some ways, I am surprised that my blog has lasted a year. And that I have not abandoned it. (God knows how many Diaries I have kept\abandoned over the years). My grandmother has always said that I am a girl with many knifes, but none of them are sharp. A Chinese saying that means I will start alot of projects but finish nothing, or to know a bit of everything but be good at nothing.

A saying that was probably quite true when I was a young girl. But not now.

Atleast I know that the butterfly knife I carry around in my handbag is sharp.... Just kidding. :P

Thanks for reading.

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- chi sin - said...

good work... keep it up... ('coz if you don't write a blog, i cannot attack it!! and then my life would be so bored at work... i will start to depress, and bored to death... kekeke)