Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dinner @ Harry's

Harry's is located directly upstairs of a local surry hills pub. And Yes, its one of those dodgy types you find in certain parts of Surry Hills. There is a huge neon sign board above the pub which reads which unconvincingly reads "Best Singaporean Chilli Crab". As we walked up the creaking wooden stairs, I began to have second thoughts. Would I end up with yet another bout of food poisoning ?! Again ?!?

At the end of the staircase we see a stack of plastic crates all piled up. Each crate holds two huge freshwater mud crabs. Which upon close inspection were all still alive - Slightly more convincing now. So I gave my Cuz the We're-here-already-might-as-well-try-it-look and walked in with her.

And I was glad I did.

The Chilli crab was great and according to the Singaporeans and Malaysians on the table, it did taste like authentic Singaporean\Malaysian Style. The Sambal Kangkong (Chilli Chinese Spinach) was definitely one of the best I have ever tasted. As it was agreed by all around the table. The sauce was thick and the Belachan was so yummy we ended up ordering an extra plate of Kangkong.

The night past away quickly to the sounds of crab crunching, sucking, slurping and laughter all washed down with beer. We were all thankful we weren't deviated away by the restaurant's first impression.

We also ordered the Fish head curry and Chilli Pipis. The boys managed to eat another bowl of rice just with the curry sauce !

At $50/pp I would agree it is borderline expensive given the location. It would however, be best to give the Pipis a miss and stay with what Harry's does best - Singaporean Chilli Mud Crab & Sambal Kangkong !


On Jai said...

Yes, Harry's did actually live up to its advertising didn't it? Hahaha.

mon1ca said...

I must join you guys next time! But first, let me settle the debt i incured after that one month away!

- chi sin - said...

all I am concern is...
How much water to you drink to recover from the chilli?? kekek...
If i am going, i think i need to bring spare shirt to change... from sweating too much!!

AstroGirl said...

on jai.. haha... yes, amazingly it did !

mon.. better hurry up and save fast.. i think our next time is going to be pretty soon.. :)

chi-sin.. water ? wat water ?! beer !!