Wednesday, August 16, 2006

200th post !

Just realised I've hit my 200th post of Blogger... I think it goes to show I have a lot of free time on my hands. Well, I don't think I actually have a lot of free time, I guess its one of the advantages with working in I.T.

If I'm busy typing, then it means I am busy working.

Over the weekend, I finally found the time to go Yum Cha with my Daddy's childhood friend. Apparently, this so-called 'Uncle' of mine was one of his very close friends before coming to Australia, and I had seen him when I was 9 years old. I'm usually very reluctant to meet such family friends. Especially since, even if I had bumped into them on the streets, they wouldn't even know who I was. However, my Daddy had been on this case ever since I first stepped foot into Sydney 3 years ago, so I thought I might as well get this over and done with.

The other reason why had finally decided to do this, was that I had meet their eldest daughter earlier this year (who works as a flight instructor in Perth), and since she was back in Sydney for the week on holidays, it was the only opportunity I had if I wanted to avoid meeting them alone.

The Yum Cha session turned out pretty good. Her parents were as cool as her. Which I kind of expected. I mean, their 20 year old daughter is a flight instructor .... Pilot ~ !!!

Damn... what was I even doing when I was 20. Actually I do know, I had just graduated from Uni, and was frantically sending out resumes everyday trying to secure a job.

Anyway, my Daddy was really happy when I told him all about his childhood friend and how he was now. Happy enough to actually step out of his seat at the Mahjong table, and let me my mummy take over for the game, while he was talking to me on the phone. Just so that I would have his undivided attention. Needless to say, I think my mum was even happier than my dad with this sudden stroke of good luck.


mon1ca said...

I'm coming over to take more fruits! My brother has already gone through 1/2 of the lot I took this morning. =)

AstroGirl said...

i've had one kiwi fruit ... :)

On Jai said...

Wow, your dad got your mum to sit in on Mahjong voluntarily? Must be some childhood friend to have that sort of a pull...