Thursday, August 31, 2006

From The Sidelines

I did the unthinkable last night.... I went to watch Pete's basketball game.

Well... it might not be a big thing for most people. But for me it is. Its the first time I have ever gone to see him play basketball. Or gone to see any one of my ex-boyfriends play any sport in that matter.

Normally I would rather just stay at home and make use of the time alone to get some good quality time Online in Warcraft.

However, last night was kind of different. Pete had nicely asked the night before, and faced with the opportunity of a free ride home (no need to take the train), I accepted the invitation.

I'm not really a sporty-type person myself. I have a gym membership, and I have been to the gym in the last 6 months...... once.

I have seen Pete and my friends practice shooting hoops with a basketball while I play badminton on the next court...... twice.

So I was kind of surprised when I actually saw their team play against another team in a competition. Well, surprised in a 'funny' way. I kind of expected something different. Maybe I have been watching too many NBL Perth Wildcat games. Needless to say, Pete and his friends are not professional league players. But after about 7 team fouls (in the first half alone), I felt like I was watching some 'Gangster type' street basketball.

The other interesting fact I noticed was that most of the players on the other team were taller than them. In a game that is heavily dependent on the ability to jump high and to get rebounds, being taller was an automatic advantage.

For the record, our side lost by 10 points. It may not sound like alot, but it was a pretty low scoring game. The 10 points was about 40% of the points showing on the scoreboard. I guess thats what got to me. The low scoring aspect of the game. Seeing the guys miss shot after shot. I guess that would be something that would hardly happen in league games. Then again, I must not compare Apples with Oranges.

After the game, Pete asked me how they played. And I told him exactly what I thought. There was alot to improve (e.g. Do not argue with the Referee), but he didn't exactly see it my way. Mind you, not once did I mention the 'C' word... (Cr*p). I just thought it was important to tell him how I saw things.

I guess watching the game from the sidelines is different to actually being on the court and playing.

hmmm... I think I will go to the gym today.


On Jai said...

I think they did well considering the height advantage of the opposing team. And yes, it's a lot harder than it seems - professionals get paid to practice day in day out, so naturally they would miss less shots... otherwise face the axe. =0P

I need to get back into playing bball...

- chi sin - said...

watching and playing is completely different!!! and Geez... don't compare with pro lah...

By the look of it, you probably run 2 laps and exhausted... wahahaha... see how you laugh at other people. ;P