Saturday, August 12, 2006

And there was Light...

Both of my car's headlights had suddenly died. (I still had high beam... just not normal head lights). So after a week of unsuccessfully trying to figure out how change the light bulbs myself, I decided to take the car to a local Auto Servicing Center.

The mechanic at the servicing center however, insisted it wasn't just blown light bulbs. And that it was something more severe...

"With both light bulbs blown, it could be a good chance there is something wrong with the car's electrics... you should leave it here so I can get an Auto Electrician to take a look at it."

"Auto Electrician ? But its just my headlights. Can't you just take a look at the bulbs and see if they are blown ?"

"With both headlights gone, it would appear to be something wrong with the electronics"

"Well, it doesn't make sense, if the Fuse has blown for the right light, then the back brake lights should be dead as well, because they are connected to the same fuse aren't they ? Look, can you just try changing them ... I'll gladly pay for the bulbs even if they aren't blown out"

(I had spent a whole week studying my car manual)

"Well... if you insist...I've hardly seen two headlights blow out at the same time.. *grumble.."

30 seconds later..... *drumroll*** and there was light ~!!

Damn... it feels good when you know you are right.... :)


mon1ca said...


Some how I've got a feeling that Pete would have gladly left it there for the guy to check.

Anyways, I've changed my break lights as well. Alone =). With a bit of RTFM, I finally found the correct bulb.

It does feel good.

- chi sin - said...

*tsk*tsk* dunno how to change light bulb yourself... no matter how hard it is... ('coz the space is so small) i change it myself to the extend that i scratch my hands bad

so tempted to change to Xeon lights like John's car... so much brighter... but so expensive! >_<

AstroGirl said...

chi sin... i have a peugeot ~ !! they have used every inch of space available ! so unless i want to start unscrewing stuff, i'll rather leave it to the experts.. :)

mon... well.. actually pete was there (because i dragged his sorry ass along).. and he was actually agreeing with the guy to leave the car with the auto electrian. Men. *sigh