Monday, August 07, 2006


For a couple of days last week, I went to Adelaide for work. It always is nice to get away from the busy lifestyle of Sydney, but somehow when it involves work, it isn't quite the same.

Nevertheless, I did manage to spend my last day in Adelaide exploring the city and the beachside suburb of Glenelg.

Adelaide, I found was alot like my hometown Perth. It was just as peaceful. Very few high-rise buildings and no traffic jams. For once, I did not awake to the sounds of car horns or the oncoming train. I could walk at my own pace without feeling like there was a need to walk faster and to keep up with the 'flow'.

Here are some photos I took from the trip...

Testing out my camera phone - Sony EricssonK750i
(all photos were taken with this phone)

King William Street @ 10.15am (one of the main roads of the city centre)

Glenelg @ 1.25pm
(Its nice to see a beach that is not overcrowded with people)

Hopefully the next time I visit, I would have enough time to go sample some wine at the vineyards in Barossa Valley.


Anonymous said...

I miss Sydney....coming back soon....

-mrs ang-

mon1ca said...

That is a main road? at 10:15am?! Wheres the people? It looks more like Canberra, not a soul in sight.

AstroGirl said...

mrs ang... come back soon !

mon... main road on a saturday morning. there was more people down at the central markets though.

- chi sin - said...

Umm... we really haven't catch up for some time... i didn't even know u were in Adeliade! ;P

Ya... mrs ang... when r u bringing Jo-Anna back to visit us?? (does it sound like u living overseas and only come over as visitor?? :P)

dunno why can't see photos... but i can imagine... 'coz i been to canberra... kekeke

catch up!! we need to catch up!! :)