Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Random Facts ~ About Me

I was looking back at my first 'About me' page I wrote back in May 2005, and realised I didn't really include much interesting facts about myself... (probably due to the MSN withdrawal symptoms I was suffering from back then) ... So here are some more random facts I can think about at the moment:

  • I have broken my left arm 3 times. (Don't ask...). My doctor said if I break it again, then I will need to have surgery to fit some screws in there to make it straight. My left wrist, still isn't totally straight, when I rotate it, I can see a bone stick out the wrong way. As a result, I try to avoid any 'extreme' activities which might end up with me needing surgery.

  • I once drank a whole bottle of Chivas by myself. (Was very young then..Don't ask...). How ever much my friends think I'm a super alcoholic drinker, I actually don't like to have alcohol with food (I will pass at wine during dinner), and will not drink at home alone. I only drink when other people are drinking and if the occasion calls for it.

  • My ideal night out with my other half is to stay home and watch DVDs the whole night snuggled warmly underneath a whole heap of blankets. Something so simple, yet so hard to achieve.

  • I like reading books. I prefer fantasy \ fiction type books, but would read pretty much anything. The current book I am reading is 'Crime and Punishment' by Russian author Fyodor Dostesvsky. It was highly recommended by my colleague, and after reading about 1/3 of the book, I understand why my colleague is a bit mad. As I believe the book is doing the same to me. Well, after finishing the book, I'll either be a bit mad or end up with a split personality.

  • I recently got my ears pierced. But my right ear's infection hasn't gotten much better. Its still puffy and swollen, however, I'm still holding out it will heal itself over time. As I know if I take the earing out, and the hole closes, I will never go back to get it pierced again.

  • I have never had my hair dyed a different colour. My parents were always against us (my two brothers and I) getting our hair dyed, for some reason they associated all naughty Asian gangsters with having bleached yellow hair. My mum used to threaten us that she would just cut all our hair off with a pair of scissors while we were sleeping if we ever did dye our hair. And out of respect for my parents, I still haven't done so.

  • I learnt how to type chinese through playing an Online game (LineageII). It is true that I can type chinese but don't know how to write it. As a result, I can email to my Mummy written all in chinese, but will not be able to reproduce the same letter in my handwritting. I guess this also highlights my addiction to Online battle games.

  • As a kid I was always proned to having nose bleeds. (I have no idea why.. and nor does my doctor). If I eat anything which was chilli or spicy, it will result in me having an instant nose bleed. However, as I have grown older, my tolerance for chilli spicy food has slightly increased... (helps by having a bf who cannot survive without chilli)... and I can now eat yummy Thai food and Malaysia Laksa, without bleeding all over my food.

Thats all I can think of now. Well the interesting ones anyway. Will probably post up more the next time I'm bored at work again... :)


- chi sin - said...

- chi sin -: Oh.. that happened to you, how come???
astrogir1: Don't ask
- chi sin -: why why??
astrogir1: Don't ask!
- chi sin -: but...
astrogir1: Don't ask!!!
- chi sin -: :X

don't start things with don't ask lah... although u r getting sick of repeating urself too many times.. :P

But it's good for you to know yourself to the level that you can spell it out. for me?? I know nothing about myself, except that I am Chi Sin... wahahahah... pretty sad but true... (the chi sin bit...)

- chi sin - said...

oh.. forgot to say...
that's prob 1 of the main reasons why i didn't start a blog for myself... The most i did is to put some general information + sharing posts in my space... :P

AstroGirl said...

chi sin.. i'm sure there are plenty of interesting facts about yourself.. how about the amount of times u've crashed your car....? :P (just kidding !)

- chi sin - said...

OMG... do NOT remind me plz!!