Friday, August 25, 2006

Communication Skills

On my Gmail chat today :

B: hello

B: say something!


i can't believe we are talking through here ... when we are sitting next to each other !!!

B: basically we are nerds

me: idiot

B: ok bye!

me: go do ur work

B: speak fer yourself ...


Mr. B is my colleague who actually sits right next to me. Yet somehow instead of turning his neck 45 degrees away from his monitor to talk to me, he decided to communicate through an online chat (in this case - Gmail chat).

No wonder why other people think I.T. people are crap when it comes to communication skills.


- chi sin - said...

ur's is an extreme case...
i do send msg to ppl close to me... usually if they had their headphone on...

if i don't want them to reply me, i usually "net send" to them... (they r not that smart to find out who actually send the msg)

MSN within company... ya... so that we can both pretend to be "working"

rite next to each other... and if i wanna a small chat or catch attention... we usually use something called a stress ball / star light / missiles

- chi sin - said...

oh... ya... i am crab in communication skills... i talk much better on computer (after n reviews, b4 it get published...)

In real... i hardly talk... if I do talk in front of you... consider urself very special.

AstroGirl said...

chi sin... u r talking alot of 'crab' now... :P