Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Banking Sales

I decided to take a late lunch break yesterday afternoon to go to the Bank to deposit a refund cheque. I ignored the calls for hunger from my stomach and left my office around 2.30pm in an attempt to avoid the long queues. There was practically no queues when I arrived at the Bank.

But I was still stuck at the teller for about 25 mins.

The old lady at the teller made some comment about the gloomy weather, and I thinking she was just making some small talk so I replied "Yes, weather is horrible, I so wanted to call in sick today". She replied with something else and punched in my account number from the deposit slip and brought up the account details and asked me if I am the owner of the account.

I replied "Yes.." and she commented that I was a long way away from home. And asked me how long I had been in Sydney. I told her I was here working permanently. She asked me if I was renting and if I was interested in looking to buy a property in Sydney. I told her I had been, but gave up seriously looking for now.

She said my working phone number and mobile number was not on the system, and proceeded to ask for my current work phone number and mobile phone so that she can update my details on the system.

Then came the punch line.

"Since you are interested in the property market can I get someone to contact you in regards to this. They can explain the differences between the types of housing loans offered. How does this sound to you?"

I can't believe she used the 'How does this sound to you' line. That's the sales pitch line from Sales & Marketing 101 !!

All along my tummy had been quietly complaining and my eyes kept on looking down at the cheque she still held in her hand - but had yet to stamp and bank in to my account.

I replied that would be fine. And she asked me which number would it be best to contact me on. Dammit. She had both of my contact numbers. I told her my work line would be the best one - I hardly pickup my work line calls anyway. She stamped my cheque and gave my receipt back with a brochure outlining the financial loans available.

I was just being polite and replied to her one little weather question.

And that little weather question and landed me stranded at the bank teller for nearly half an hour.

So much for being polite.

I am pretty amazed though. That old lady shouldn't be working as a bank teller. She could easily be the leading Sales Rep of any retail or marketing company, and an expert in cold calling.


mon1ca said...

"Which Bank?" :P

AstroGirl said...

Mon.. The #!@# Bank. haha..

i only wanted to bank my cheque. but she kept on talking and just held my cheque in her hand.. :(

chi sin said...

u don't mind it's the bank i am working in, rite?? Let me check if there are 2 more contact numbers in the system or not.. Oops... u not doing margin loans?? then i can't see u then... hahahah