Monday, January 30, 2006

I hate this

Don't you hate it when this happens... ?!?

I had just clicked on the Transfer button to pay my rent... and this is what I got instead ! Argh !

And it wont let me log back in either ! *sob...

How are you supposed to 'Select "Balances"' when you can't even log back into the system ?!?

It's funny how they put "CARE - VERY IMPORTANT" in bold capital letters on their error message. I think "WARNING - VERY IMPORTANT - YOU MIGHT HAVE JUST LOST YOUR LAST TRANSACTION" would be a bit more appropriate.

I wonder what kind of SLAs (Service Level Agreements) they would have for their IT people over in The Bank.

I know that if this happened to us during peak trading times (i.e. like now), most of my colleagues (and me) will probably be facing the firing squad the next day.

Grrrr.... stupid bank... @#$!!%


mon1ca said...

haha!!! another dealing with "Which Bank?"

Anonymous said...

ya lor...the bank services nowadays are really sucks....remember I just complaint to the other bank the other day?

- mrs ang -